Marlin Technologies Group focuses its designs on water quality and product robustness. Our products are developed using high quality components. We are a SAHPRA licensed manufacturer and supplier. 

Our Services

Marlin Technologies Group is a leading service provider for water used in renal dialysis and related therapies. We specialize in water treatment for medical-related uses.

Sans 1657 for bottling water. ISO23500 for Dialysis microbiology and chemistry. Sans 241 for portable consumption. Legionella testing.

We build the Water Treatment Plants to process water from alternative sources such as municipal, boreholes, dams, and rivers. We ensure that it fulfills the fundamental brief to provide potable water as per SANS 241 standards.

A reliable water supply ensures business continuity and upholds your reputation. We provide the monthly services that are required to service the Water Treatment system along with chemical replenishment and water quality testing protocols.

We manufacture class 1, 2, and 3 water production systems for laboratory and analytic instrumental use.

We manage projects of any scale from start to finish. We liaise with all parties on site to make sure the project is completed within budget and on time. We update the client on the progress of the project. 

We pride ourselves on delivering quality work and offer a warranty on our equipment & workmanship.

Proudly local manufacturer of quality reverse osmosis machines. We manufacture mobile portables which produces 90l/h of permeate water.

We manufacture static RO machines that produces permeate water from 300L/H to 3000L/H.

Our Process

Client Requirement

Marlin Technologies Group facilitates the understanding of client requirements and provide guidance to formulate the financial position.


Marlin Technologies Group presents the proposal with details on important aspects of the services we offer.

Water Testing

Marlin Technologies Group takes sample from the water source provided by the client for the purposes of testing and analysis.


Once the client has accepted the proposal, Marlin Technologies Group sets out a project plan with timelines.

System Design

Marlin Technologies Group designs water treatment system based on the water sample results, client specification and requirements

Post Plant Build

Marlin Technologies Group offers 24/7 technical support. We also offer warranty on all our installations.

Our Clients